My wife is an X-Files fan. Always has been and probably always will be. She's been re-watching all of the seasons of the show recently and I have to admit that my jaw dropped when one episode portrays itself as starting in Buhl, Idaho and ending around Elko, Nevada.

The episode is called "Drive" and originally aired back in November of 1998. Mulder and Scully are investigating a case of suspected terrorism in Buhl when they receive word of a strange incident where a woman's head explodes after a car chase near Elko, Nevada. Sounds like a typical day around these parts, right?

As if all of this isn't funny enough, there's another twist. The episode stars Bryan Cranston and according to many, it was his appearance on this X-Files episode that led to him being cast on Breaking Bad. When you play connect the dots, that show obviously made Idaho's own Aaron Paul an international star, so all sorts of Gem state brushes with greatest in this TV show.

One final twist in all this is that no parts of the "Drive" episode were filmed in Idaho or Nevada. According to IMDB, the filming locations were all in California. Go figure.

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