Dierkes Lake is not necessarily a 'hidden gem' of the Magic Valley, but it is a gem and one that draws in a large variety of people. Here are the 10 Commandments of Dierkes Lake to ensure a fun time for all who attend.

  • 1

    Thou Shalt Not Get Drunk At Dierkes

    Like it or not, when someone gets drunk they are more likely to make bad decisions and choices. Dierkes is a family location and it would be a shame to have any fun time ruined by a visit from law enforcement.

  • 2

    Thou Shalt Go Cliff Diving

    I don't like jumping from high places but the cliffs at Dierkes are perfect for anyone who wants to jump safely...if you are insane you can go to the hidden lakes and jump there like in the video above!

  • 3

    Thou Shalt Not Use Motorized Boats

  • 4

    Thou Shalt Not Drink Dierkes Lake Water

    This should go without saying (especially if you reference commandment #8) but your kids may go swimming in the water and you'll need to be careful if they duck their heads under the water.

  • 5

    Thou Shalt Not Wear Small Speedos and Tiny 2 Piece Bikinis

    You have to understand that Dierkes is a family place. There will be small children who don't need to see you almost naked and creepy old men who are there just to see you almost naked.

  • 6

    Thou Shalt Go Fishing

    Dierkes is a great little lake for fishing. It is especially nice for families who may be split on what to do - some can fish and others can play according to law #8.

  • 7

    Thou Shalt Beware Of Goose Poo

    For real - there is a ton of goose poo down there. Wear your sandals! If you are lucky you may even be able to see some baby geese in the spring.

  • 8

    Thou Shalt Party

    Dierkes Lake is a great place to party with friends and family. There are grills, a concession stand, playground for the kids, covered picnic shelters, volleyball, and a big grass field.

  • 9

    Thou Shalt Take A Hike

  • 10

    Thou Shalt Not Stay After Dark

    If you choose to stay after dark you will be visited by wildlife creatures including skunks!

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