I happen to take note of these things when traveling.   If I see a Ten Commandments monument on public property, it’s a sign I’m usually among good people.  There are at least two places in the state where I know these markers exist and I even asked a local politician about one located in her hometown.  “I already told you,” she replied.  “This is God’s country!” 

how long before the long tentacles of Black Lives Matter and Antifa slither into our small towns?

Faith based monuments are certainly common on church property but have annoyed Democrats in some parts of the country when located in public and government spaces.  Now that we’ve had the Boise Bell Basher attacking a monument because he personally didn’t like the message of liberty, how long before the long tentacles of Black Lives Matter and Antifa slither into our small towns?

By this time next year, they may well have swept the field of statues dedicated to historical white figures.  Then attention will turn elsewhere.  Christian faith isn’t compatible because it says all lives matter.  In its ideal form, Christianity is blind to skin color and ethnicity.

The Ten Commandments pose a very specific challenge for the mob.  There are prohibitions against covetousness and theft.  The list of instructions always appeared to me as self-evident.  If you follow the rules you’ll find you live in a very quiet neighborhood.  If you aren’t swapping wives then there aren’t many jealous spouses planning to kill.  See, these basic rules in concert with the rest of the list keep us safe.

The thing is, the angry mob believes it’s owed your property and killing you is easy if your life’s the one that no longer matters.  It’s about settling scores.  This is why it’s quite possible in another decade we could be like China, where crosses are lopped off churches if the buildings are even allowed to stand.  Faith is a rival to the authoritarian nature of the left.  And to the greed and anger of the mob.

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