Every day new videos are posted to YouTube. Some of these videos go viral and are seen by millions of people while others fade away faster than the time it took to upload them. Many videos include sneaky cats or silly dogs. But you won't get cute pets in any of the videos below. You will instead get a small recap of the most popular Twin Falls videos ever posted online. There isn't a shortage of Twin Falls related videos either. There are hundreds of them with little to no views or maybe a few thousand views. The top tier videos cover a variety of topics with views ranging into the millions. Of course some of the most viewed videos are of BASE Jumpers. Surprisingly none of them are drone footage. But there are also songs, crimes, and local ads in the top 7 most viewed videos about Twin Falls on YouTube. Use some of that stay-at-home time to give these a few more views.

GAS STATION ROBBERY - Three years ago the Oasis on Blue Lakes was robbed and the whole thing was caught on camera. The bad guy was also caught.

SUPER REALTY - Somehow with only three comments this commercial has 730,000 views. It must be Stan's unblinking gaze that got everyone's attention.

BUILT TO SPILL - A music video for the melancholy song 'Twin Falls' has nearly half a million views.

BASE JUMP FAIL - This video is a scary one that involved two jumpers hitting the canyon ground under the Perrine Bridge after a stunt went wrong and their parachutes were compromised. Luckily the video also shows their recovery from their injuries.

WALMART ISSUES - A video posted by a man claiming to have been unlawfully detained at Walmart for refusing to show proof of purchase blew up online in 2018.

MILES DAISHER - Wouldn't be a proper list if Miles and BASE jumping popped up together. That time has arrived and the video features a few of his friends jumping from a moving vehicle off the bridge.

OH CHUTE. BASE JUMP FAIL - The final most viewed video is another BASE jump that went south but somehow ended OK as one jumper tangled in the others chute they were still able to land safely.

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