To save little babies.  Idaho is increasingly becoming a hostile place for abortion mills.  If a decision soon by the Supreme Court of the United States overturns Roe v. Wade, Idaho has a law on the books that will wipe away a woman’s so-called right to commit infanticide.  These decisions will be left to individual states.

The kook-a-loos in neighboring Oregon would appear to be drooling over new business possibilities from across the state line.  Check out this link.  Moral degenerates plan a murder mill not far from the pot shops that cater to Idaho customers.

A Yearning for the Moral Life

I joked in a piece the other day about a study that named Idaho the least sinful state in America.  Well, it’s not a joke.  The people here mostly haven’t been polluted by the paganism and communism of the left coast.  The same goes for people living in rural Eastern Oregon.

I’ve visited there.  I’ve met people there.  One cold morning I stopped in La Pine for a cup of coffee.  The place is God’s country.  It’s what we were taught America was all about and how it’s supposed to look and feel.  People there don’t serve dark forces.

God Favors the Just

My dad wasn’t an especially religious man.  He was raised in a very devout household.  In his later years, he came to believe the many maladies afflicting his country were brought about because we were no longer under the protection of the Almighty.  He cited the “killing of little babies” as the biggest affront.  The nation that worshipped Moloch was destroyed.

There are causes worth fighting for.  This is clearly worthwhile.

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