I first heard the phrase “Cult of Personality” in a history class in high school. We were studying Chairman Mao and his ever present image dominating China. It’s fair to say President Obama was elected after his campaign staff developed a larger-than-life image of the man. Some of those campaign staffers had cut their teeth working on campaigns in banana republics. Last summer one of my counterparts in Townsquare Media was visiting Twin Falls from South Dakota and asked me what I thought of the rise of Donald Trump. “I’ve never in my life seen anything like it,” I explained. He agreed and he’s almost 70-years-old. The same age as Trump. They’ve seen a bit more in life than I’ve witnessed.

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Do any of you recall the fawning children’s books about Obama? The messianic portraits? The celebratory videos? Last week the President denied he was the cause of Trump’s rise, however. A friend sent me a video today and I’ll say it’s clear some learned from the Obama approach. You can see it below. Please share your thoughts.