America is described by some theologians as a post-Christian culture.

While we’re a few decades behind Western Europe it won’t be long at this pace before we join them as neo-pagans.

While we’re a few decades behind Western Europe, it won’t be long at this pace before we join them as neo-pagans.  This story from Holland is heartbreaking.  Strange, American conservatives, Christians and Donald Trump are all assailed as Nazi’s by the cultural left and, yet, as appropriators of language we can see their totalitarian impulse and lack of ethics and morality.

This weekend, I was binge watching two of my favorite TV shows from Amazon Prime.  One is called Vikings.  It’s about a pagan culture clashing with an emerging Christian culture.  While I haven’t seen every current episode, it appears to suggest the pagan approach is superior.

Man in the High Castle is adapted from a 55-year-old story.  What if the Axis had actually been victorious in World War Two?  Season one is action-adventure.  Season 2 is based more on developing the characters.  When I was a boy, I asked my dad why more Germans didn’t stand up to the excesses of Hitler.  “Because most didn’t like the option of a firing squad,” he replied.  The villains of Man in the High Castle aren’t one dimensional evil.  They’ve got family responsibilities and have made accommodations with evil systems in order to survive.  The heroes struggle with similar decisions.  This is the challenge of our modern age.  A friend told me last week he believes the United States is hurtling toward civil war.  My friend is the CEO of a company that provides safety products for film and television productions and he’s a devout Roman Catholic.  It well could be we’ll all soon be called upon to make difficult choices.

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