Camping isn't something I usually do between the months of November and April due to the cold weather. I recently came across a YouTube video of some spring, hot tent campers in Idaho, that braved chilly overnight temperatures and made it work just fine.

Hot tent camping, that is, using some sort of internal heating source to provide warmth during the evening hours, is something I have never done. We had an experience in the early summer of 2020 at Yellowstone National Park, where the temperature dropped substantially, and having a camping propane furnace or small tent stove would have been great.

That trip inspired me to buy a dual propane furnace at the end of last year's camping season for future, unexpected cold weather situations. Not having to wear three layers of clothing and a beenie to bed anymore is something I welcome at this point in my life.

I'm loving a recent YouTube upload that some Idaho campers shared of their spring, hot tent campout. Complete with two dogs--they appeared to enjoy the heated tent more than anyone--some fire grilled steaks, instant, Idaho bagged potato mix and a beautiful backdrop, the group pulled through the evening with no problem.

The funny part of the video is seeing how the dogs couldn't wait to get to bed next to the small stove that was used to keep the five occupants warm through the night. Portable furnaces and internal heating sources for the tent won't be needed after May in Idaho, as the temperatures by June will likely be too warm for such additional equiptment. So, enjoy these last six weeks or so of hot tent camping.

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