Remember the early GIECO commercials?  A caveman is offended by a tag line suggesting signing up for the product is so easy, even he can do it.  In a later commercial, a company executive is seen apologizing.  “We didn’t know you guys were still around,” he offers by way of excuse.

Similar organizations have come and gone but JBS survives after 63 years.

I think sometimes the members of the John Birch Society feel the same way.  Back in 1958, a great many patriotic Americans joined the organization.  Then it split from the conservative movement when the Ivy League types objected to the approach of the Society.  It pointed fingers at too many Ivy League appeasers.

Similar organizations have come and gone but JBS survives after 63 years.  And is again flexing some muscle as it looks to bring a new generation into the movement.  Perhaps recent actions of government when it comes to pandemics and spending have convinced many Americans action is needed.

“Birchers” as they’ve often been called have often been called even worse.  Usually by potential allies on the right.  Interestingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which labels a lot of organizations with Christian foundations as racist, calls the JBS an organization of patriots.  Not exactly praise but possibly a sign of respect.

The regional coordinator for the John Birch Society is a man named Tom Munds.  He covers parts of three states, including all of Southern and Eastern Idaho.  He made an appearance on Magic Valley This Morning on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  Tom offered some action plans and shared how you can easily get involved.  You can hear the conversation at the top of the page.


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