The media rape of Ben Carson continues.  Nobody goes to jail for assault, for now.  As we slide through our Weimar Republic phase journalists should brush up on history.  If you didn’t already know it both CNN and Politico have launched scathing attacks on Carson in recent days and then been caught red-handed committing malpractice.  Something they would gleefully claim Carson frequently did while practicing medicine.  When the Columbia Journalism Review takes its fellow travelers to the woodshed (link here) you would expect trouble.  Instead media does what it accuses Carson of doing; doubling down.  Politico’s malpractice sucked all of the air from the news atmosphere Friday and allowed the planting of seeds.  The planting is to imply Carson isn’t as honest as many voters believe.  There is a difference between German news media 85 years ago and what we’re seeing in America today.  German reporters were warning about the danger of Hitler.  American fellow travelers are warning about a pediatric neurosurgeon who is a practicing Seventh Day Adventist.  Yep, some serious comparison there, right???

On the very same day Carson was being bent over by Politico a story appeared in the Washington Free Beacon.  Hillary Clinton is guilty of high crimes.  On her first full day as Secretary-of-State she signed an agreement that effectively said she understood there would be no personal e-mail server and the agreement makes it clear what violations of national security are to be avoided.  At worst Ben Carson may have stretched the truth, stress may, and is a little fuzzy in memory about an almost 50-year-old conversation with General William Westmoreland.  In contrast Hillary is a crook.  Which story got more coverage Friday?  Better, yet, which story is getting hyped and which story is being mostly ignored by the social deviants in mainstream media?

Clinton knowingly and willfully broke the law. Courtesy, Getty Images.
Clinton knowingly and willfully broke the law. Courtesy, Getty Images.

Mainstream media is out-of-control.  Since it hides behind the cloak of the First Amendment as its minions spin absurd tales in hopes of influencing your choices we can’t swing them from trees, burn them at stakes or toss them into lakes while they’re tied to millstones (in the case of James Rosen you can bet President Obama would like to do all three!)  We can stop buying their product, News is a commodity in modern cultures and if people lose faith in what’s being peddled and make other choices then the media appendages selling big government and global government will starve.

While the establishment columnists and editors denounce alternative media it increasingly is eating their lunch.  An old employer sent me this link about a homegrown jihadist.  The guy attacked several students at a small school in California with a knife.  There haven’t been many calls on editorial pages for knife control.  In fact the story didn’t get much coverage beyond one news cycle.  The attacker was practicing Islamic terrorism.  If you press the media establishment they’ll reply, “We don’t know that”.  O.K., other than the manifesto where he rambles on about Allah and killing his enemies what more do we need?  Had his name been John Jones and had he once attended a Tea Party gathering in 2011 you can bet we’d be hearing all about the right-wing crazy attempting to unleash a violent revolution/race war/genocidal purge.  The globalists at major newspapers would be calling for more surveillance (as if there already isn’t enough) of fundamentalist Christians who vote Republican or worse!  You know, people a lot like Ben Carson.  In full disclosure he isn’t my choice but there are far greater enemies gutting the republic.  You’ll find them in the Oval Office, formerly at the State Department and reporting at Politico, CNN and the New York Times.

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