I started to wonder after the Tesla.  It was her parade car in the Rupert Independence Day parade.  In rural Minidoka County.  When I think of Tesla, I think of electric cars. When I think of electric cars, I think of wind and solar power.  There’s currently a massive wind-power project proposed in Minidoka County.  It’s not popular with the conservative voting bloc.  If you’re going to be in a parade and you’re running for Governor of Idaho, how about a ’68 Cadillac convertible?  Otherwise, the biggest tires you can find.  At least she didn’t stop for tofu on the way home!

and then the candidate didn’t show.  Do you believe they may be a wee bit upset?

Then there was the mess at the Twin Falls County Fair.  Her team will argue it did nothing wrong, but the fair found grounds to take down the McGeachin tent.  Maybe it wouldn’t have happened had she been in attendance and played ambassador.  After all, it’s one of the largest fairs in the state.  She wasn’t there before the tent came down.

On October 9th, she was scheduled for a meet and greet at a Magic Valley home.  The organizers printed details (I have a flyer), bought the groceries and drinks, and then the candidate didn’t show.  Do you believe they may be a wee bit upset?  I learned about this event because it was promoted the previous weekend at a liberty event at the Magic Valley Speedway.  There was a McGeachin for Governor booth in the pit area.  There wasn’t a McGeachin.  Priscilla Giddings is running for Lt. Governor.  She spent the day signing books and hugging old veterans.

There was a booth at the event being administered by a Gold Star Mother.  She found herself answering questions for Janice.  One of the most frequent was a request for signs.  There were three, all of which were handed out quickly, and then people were referred to a website.  After lunch, a woman from Nampa arrived and explained she was the McGeachin for Governor campaign treasurer.  She didn’t bring any signs.  Maybe because the treasury is empty.  It’s what happens when you don’t show up for meet and greets.

The candidate finally rolled in after the crowd dwindled.  She said a few words and took a spin around the track. 

Her Facebook campaign page appears to consist of slumber party videos with a pair of young campaign staff members.  I get the impression that the same young women would need direction anywhere outside the Treasure Valley.

Ed Humphreys's campaign has a rapid response team.  As the big news breaks, I quickly receive an email with a statement from Ed.  Ammon Bundy’s team often emails me two updates a day.  It's always topical. 

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a long-standing McGeachin ally.  A state legislator and who told me of receiving an angry call from the candidate for Governor.  My impression is the legislator is now considering other options.

The wife of a friend was a McGeachin backer and works in the court system.  My friend’s wife explains the contempt of court flap over the critical race theory task force that did Janice no favors inside the system.

She eventually walked away during an interview with a CNN reporter.  It won’t hurt her among the base.  But why even talk to CNN?  I haven’t turned on that channel since the first Obama term.  How many people who'll vote in an Idaho Republican primary watch any CNN?  This is a matter of resources, of which time is one.  Larry Elder spent all his time on Fox News.  California voters rarely watch Fox.  He neglected venues where he could’ve reached voters he needed.  It enhanced his career as a pundit and nothing else. 

McGeachin needs an intervention or as more than one Republican has told me in recent weeks, she won’t be a factor in May.  This means sending the sycophants home and getting a serious team in place.  

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