I like to see myself as a salesman for the conservative and constitutionalist cause.  In a country split pretty much down the middle, winning another ten percent to my side would go a long way in straightening out some of the troubles the country is experiencing.  I believe some good free-market approaches would solve a lot of older problems that have appeared intractable.  I believe government programs that have cost trillions of dollars over 50 to 60 years and have not delivered solutions have failed.  I believe that’s self-evident.

If we can get around the media/Democrat complex, then we stand a chance at restoring some sanity when it comes to government.  Talk radio and alternative media are good starting points. 

Then along comes someone peddling the Q conspiracy, and the left reinforces the stereotype that we’re all crackpots on the right.  It’s the mirror image of people promoting modern monetary theory.  I look at them and think they’ve slipped a gear. 

The Q followers are gullible.  Q provides a simple explanation and easily recognized cartoon villains on the left.  It fills a void.  It’s also total horse manure. 

I hear from these desperate people, and they insist that I’m missing the boat.  Today, I asked, “Who is Q?”  I got answers that I already knew, but nobody could give me a definitive answer on an identity.  Q is someone or a few people having some fun.  When the black helicopters from the 1990s never materialized, Q filled a void. 

There’s some nebulous figure with an online identity, probably shocked by his or her influence.  And a lot of people are being duped.

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