America is sliding into despotism.  Slowly and then all at once, if I can paraphrase an economist explaining national defaults.  Many on the right see the tyranny of the new left but I see a backlash from the right coming of monumental proportions.

We look at the leader of North Korea and smirk.  He looks at us and returns the pose.

Five days a week I listen to the disaffected.  They’re looking for a deliverer.  While media and elites fret about Donald Trump, he governs as a slightly conservative Republican.  The man says what many people were afraid to offer but he isn’t a dictator and apparently his plans are to leave the White House and resume making money.

I’m talking about the rise of a politician who’ll vow to stuff the lunatics not only back in the asylum but back in the closet.  Such a leader, sincere or opportunist, is going to attract tens of millions of Americans.

New York State has legalized infanticide.  California’s leaders ignore the piles of human waste on city streets.  Instead they threaten prosecution if you fail to address a fellow citizen (or non-citizen) by a desired pronoun.  One-half the country’s federal legislature backs lawless entry at U.S. borders.

A guy who may have gone to Charlottesville because he opposed tearing down history is painted as a racist by association.  Attendees at a Women’s March organized by anti-Semites are praised for standing up to “The Man”.  You know which one!

Media joins an assault on high school boys because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Then to defend the assault media probes the lives of the boys and breathlessly shouts high school students sometimes taunt opponents at sporting events.  Once I was a boy.  I’m shocked!

A ten year old boy dances in a homosexual bar for money.  His parents promote the activity.  He’s photographed with a naked man impersonating a woman.  A studio audience on national TV eggs on the boy.

Speaking of men dressed as women, some argue discrimination because they may be barred from the battlefield.  We look at the leader of North Korea and smirk.  He looks at us and returns the pose.

Liberals in Texas propose laws outlawing Christianity in the public square.  The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of a Colorado Christian.  His state government essentially nullified the ruling and again hounds the man.

I could list the offenses for weeks and not repeat myself.

Someone is coming.  Someone who’ll promise an end to the madness.  For better.  Or worse.

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