The Snug Bar and Grill in Eden made the announcement on Monday, March 8th that they will be closing their doors for the time being. As of right now we are still trying to find out if it is a permanent or temporary closure.

Some of the rumors going around is that with the unemployment benefits from COVID 19 and people making more money by NOT working, it has gotten too difficult for the owners to find people to work and help them out. COVID 19 caused major issues for small businesses and it looks like this is another one.

The Snug Bar and Grill has been offering catering and delivery, they had a full bar and they had a Sunday brunch buffet that people raved about. Every time I ever ate their food it was phenomenal.

If COVID 19 and the fact that people don't want to work due to unemployment benefits is the reason that they have not kept their doors open, that is incredibly sad. Watching local mom and pop small businesses suffer because they can't get any help is heartbreaking. And the fact that The Snug was one of my favorite places to eat outside of Twin Falls makes me even more sad they are closing.

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As soon as we find out if it will be temporary or permanent we will let you know. Right now we are going off their Facebook page announcement stating simply that they are closed for the time being. I am really hoping it is a temporary closure because I am going to miss their food.

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