“Far more hate crimes go unreported,” is a statement I’ve heard the last several days from liberal media talking heads.  This is how they deflect from the embarrassment of the Jussie Smollett story.  Mainstream media bought it hook, line and sinker!  But how do they know about the unreported hate crimes?

If the crimes aren’t being reported then how would you know?

If those crimes are going unreported then nobody has any idea how many take place.  If you’ve got a number then someone is keeping a count.  What’s shocking is I haven’t heard any of the conservative panelists ask a simple question:  “If the crimes aren’t being reported then how would you know?”

This is right up there with the phrase, “Diversity makes us stronger!”  When you consider the threats from non-native species at Yellowstone Park or imported Japanese Yew in Ketchum you could argue diversity is a threat.

A couple of writers are critiquing the conventional wisdom on hate crimes.  At Washington Free Beacon you can reach your own conclusion by clicking here.  At this link from the Washington Examiner the writer warns beware the people doing the counting.

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