There is a place in the Allegheny Range called Negro Mountain.  It straddles the state line between Western Maryland and Western Pennsylvania.  A number of years ago, a Maryland legislator was driving through the area and saw what I recall was a historical marker.  A few days later, she issued a news release demanding the name be changed.  In her eyes it was racist.

They want Alexander Ross removed from historical markers near Galena Summit.  I guess Lewis and Clark aren’t far behind.

Then a larger picture emerged.  One story says during the French and Indian War there was a skirmish and a black man fighting with the American colonials died valiantly.  His fellow colonialists knew little about him but wanted to honor his service.  Negro was a polite term for black Americans until 50 years ago.  The naming of the mountain is a tale of unity in a country often sorely lacking in brotherhood.  The state of Maryland replaced some road signs two years ago to appease those who wanted to rewrite American history.

It's Coming to Idaho

It’s a national trend.  High Country News explains it’s happening here in Idaho.  However, the goal is to expunge what would be called “colonial” names.  At what time has Idaho been considered a colony of any sort?  The sign warriors don’t care.  They want Alexander Ross removed from historical markers near Galena Summit.  I guess Lewis and Clark aren’t far behind.  Oh, I'm sorry.  High Country News says the explorers are also a target.

It’s not like indigenous tribes are ignored.  It’s why we have Kootenai County.

A New History is Being Written

This is a story unfolding well below the public’s radar.  Maybe it’s time we take some of the energy expended against critical race theory and turn it against the whitewashing of history.  Can I say whitewashing or would that be considered…

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