There are probably a few dozen.  This one wasn’t unfurled when I snapped the picture.  When the wind is blowing there’s another story.  Not the one I can print.  The slogan says Biden is a quicker fouler upper, however.  The actual language is stronger than what I’ve written.  You can fill in the blanks if you really need to.

It’s no surprise a lot of people in flyover country don’t like Biden.  They don’t like any Democrats.  I was in eastern Oregon a couple of years ago and saw the same sentiment about Biden flying on flags outside homes.  Much like here in southern Idaho, there are flags praising former President Donald Trump.

Voters are Still Motivated

After the election of 2020, I saw Trump flags flying alongside Christmas decorations.  I predicted the flags would still be up long after the lights and inflatables were put away.  I figured I would see Trump's support well into March or April of 2021.  Guess what?  Many of those flags are still flying.

In my part of town, a guy took down his old Trump flag and replaced it with an update.  The new one says Trump 2024!

We're Living in a Permanent Campaign Season

People often lose interest for a couple of years between General Elections.  This is something new.  I’m old enough to remember Richard Nixon being elected to his first term.  I’ve never witnessed the political intensity of the last half-dozen years.

I don’t see it abating anytime soon.  We’re now living in permanent campaign mode.  Trump’s raucous appearance last week in Arizona is evident.  And judging by the enthusiasm, Republicans are motivated.  Democrats appear profoundly depressed even as they control the federal government.

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