It's not easy making ends meet for many in 2017. If you are making minimum wage and trying to get by, you know what I'm talking about. Now, there's a new report on just how hard you have to work to afford an apartment in Idaho and the news ain't good.

Resistance Report released this new data which shows how tough it is to afford a place to live in our state.

The first breakdown is how many hours you have to work at minimum wage to afford a one-bedroom apartment. This is scary.

Resistance Report

You have to work 61 minimum wage hours just to afford a one-bedroom place in Idaho? Sad.

What about the hourly rate to afford a two-bedroom apartment? Equally frightening.

Resistance Report

The truth is that Idaho residents have it good compared to our neighbors. Other than Montana, all of the states on our borders have WAY higher levels to maintain than we do.

Check out the full Resistance Report study for more detailed data on living paycheck-to-paycheck.