Idaho has struggled with refugee issues.  I’m not talking about people from other cultures halfway around the world.  It’s the massive influx from the left coast.  People are fleeing state and local governments best described as dysfunctional.  Many of my friends locally are from California, Oregon and Washington State.

They come here because governments in those places treat people as weeds or pests.  Click here to see an example.  Seattle is adding a 24 cent a gallon tax to home heating oil.  The goal is to push people into using heat pumps.  Home heating oil is selling for roughly 3 bucks a gallon.  An additional quarter is a steep hike over the course of a winter.  Home heating oil accounts for only 2 percent of Seattle’s carbon issues.  Heat pumps can cost $15-thousand dollars.  If you can’t afford one, someone else will be taxed to pay for your new heating system.

Home heating oil accounts for only 2 percent of Seattle’s carbon issues.

I’m reminded of a story I read last week.  A large eastern city is banning wood stoves.  Where I grew up that would be like trying to take away guns.

Not to be outdone on the totalitarian index (or toiletarian index), Portland is eliminating urinals.  For now, only in the municipal building.  This way, more potties can be converted to unisex restrooms.  Because a small percentage of Oregon’s population can’t figure out where to pee.  The cost for these changes?  Almost 200-million dollars.  One building.  In one city.  Another 4 buildings will raise the price tag to one billion dollars.  Thank you, taxpayers.

This is insane.  At the same time toilets are being converted, more and more people are going potty in the streets of these socialist paradises.  The only time I go outside in Idaho is when I’m out in the Owyhee’s.  It’s because there are few available options and I can’t see another human being anywhere on the horizon.

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