During a recent return to Idaho from California, I took some time to pull off in Battle Mountain at a firework shop that is impossible to miss along Hwy 80 heading east.

Battle Mountain is a small town of roughly 3,300 people in Lander County, and is 230 miles southwest of Twin Falls, Idaho. Perhaps the town's biggest claim to fame is a firework shop that many Idahoans travel out-of-state to when stocking up for the Fourth of July holiday.

Roller Coaster Fireworks is a store I've stopped in on numerous occasions over the years. It had been quite a while since my most recent visit on April 9. I walked the aisles with my wife and 6-year-old boy, and felt like a kid in a candy shop. Behind the counter, a kind, disabled man in a wheelchair chatted with us throughout the entire experience. We talked about the wide scope of travelers from different states that stop in to load up before the holidays, which included Idaho.

The store has a great selection of inventory and is sort of a museum for old, vintage fireworks as well. Protected from shoppers behind a glass case are fireworks dating back many decades. We spent over $100, and the staffer tossed in some free smoke bombs, tanks, and sparklers for my kid.

I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures inside the building, so I left my phone in the car. YouTube has a few videos that people have taken over the years that provide viewers with an exciting look inside the store, which is located at 980 Broyles Ranch Road.

If you haven't had the chance to visit Roller Coaster Fireworks in Battle Mountain, it's worth getting off the highway for. Fourth of July is less than three months away after all.

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