Horseback riding is one of the things that Idaho excels in. We have plenty of trails and lots of horses. But, if you want to ride one of the best, you need to plan a trip to Stanley, Idaho.

Only In Your State named the top 6 horseback rides in all of Idaho. Near the top of the list is Mystic Saddle Ranch located in Stanley.

One of the reasons Mystic Saddle Ranch made this list is the variety of rides they have available. You can ride for one hour or a full day. If I get to choose (not likely), I'd go for the Alpine Lake Day Ride. You start the day with breakfast, then ride a boat across a big lake where the horses are waiting. After that, you ride your horse (or chase it, if you fall off like I would) to Alpine Lake for lunch. Then, it's a horse ride back to the boat where you end your day with dinner back at their fancy lodge. Nice.

The fact that the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley are constantly in your view doesn't hurt either.

Congrats to Mystic Saddle Ranch on this fine honor. Now, I must make plans to make the drive to Stanley so I can recreate my favorite scenes from City Slickers.

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