TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is reminding pickup truck owners that wide tires without proper fender coverage could result in a fine. The sheriff's office says pickups, or any vehicle, with over-sized tires that run exposed might result in a fine of $67, because it goes against Idaho State Law and shared some examples on social media.

Section 49-949 says "It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or move or any owner to permit to be operated or moved, any motor vehicle, truck, bus, semitrailer or trailer, upon any highway without having the vehicle equipped with fenders or covers which may include flaps or splash aprons, over and to the rear of wheels..."

The sheriff's office says points would not be added to a driver's license because it is a non-moving violation. Deputies are cracking down on over-sized uncovered wheels because they can cause cracks in the windshields of other vehicles. Especially during the colder months, more material is placed on roads to help with melting snow and ice or for traction, the sheriff's office says large tires without coverage can throw that material up and hit other vehicles causing damage.

The over-sized wheels without fenders or mud-flaps create a traffic hazard and the sheriff's office says they will be watching for violators. The only way you wouldn't get a ticket is if you had a vehicle made before 1935 or a replica of one, which is exempt according to the code, and is used during fair weather. The bottom line, according to the sheriff's office, you can have the big and wide tires as long as they have the proper fenders and mud flaps.

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