If you are on social media you have probably seen Kristina Kuzmic's videos in one way shape or form. She started off going viral with things like "Dropping Truth Bombs" and being kind of an inspiration and affirmation for parents, especially mothers.

Kristina Kuzmic has done videos about cooking and has written a book as well. I don't even have children but I find myself becoming engrossed in her content. She is hilarious and tells the truth about parenthood, especially motherhood. She admits to things like loving her kids but not liking them all the time, she opens up about her divorce and dating again with children. She talks about her new marriage.

Kristina Kuzmic will start touring this weekend starting in California. She will be in Salt Lake City two nights in November. Tickets are available for Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th. She is going to be at Wise Guys Comedy Club and it is a 21 and over event. Regular tickets are $35 per person or VIP for $60.

I totally would go check her out. Even though like I said I don't have kids, she cracks me up and everything she does feels so relatable. She is one of the few influencers or bloggers or whatever you want to call her that seems real. She doesn't pretend everything is perfect all the time and I love her for it.

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