I will admit that I forgot about this. But, thanks to a national website, I was reminded of one activity that needs to be on every Idahoan's summer to-do list at some point.

Thank you, Only In Your State. They compiled a list of 5 Lazy Rivers Perfect For Tubing on a Summer Day. The one river they called out (that I had forgotten about) was the Portneuf River at Lava Hot Springs. If you're new to Idaho, this is an easy drive from the Magic Valley.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As Only In Your State pointed out, the Portneuf was ranked #1 in the entire country for tubing last year by USA Today. That's a pretty epic honor, especially considering that this was chosen by the readers and not some random blogger.

The one aspect of this part of the Portneuf River that draws so many people is the fact that it's not just a completely laid back, boring float. Your adrenaline will have its moments to shine at some point during your trip down the Portneuf.

If you and your family do one thing this summer involving water, make it this. You likely won't be sorry.

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