UPDATE: The Twin Falls City Pool has found a temporary fix and is back to operating normal hours until a permanent fix can be made.


The Twin Falls City Pool has officially been temporarily closed because someone decided to cut open the bubble. The bubble has only been on the pool for about a month and this bubble is fairly new. Now the pool is closed indefinitely.

The City of Twin Falls made the announcement that this morning, October 7th, pool staff came in to open up and found a huge hole cut into the bubble. And with the rain and stuff last night I can imagine it left a pretty good mess of things. Now the pool will not be able to operate until they are able to get it fixed.

PC Twin Falls City
PC Twin Falls City

I am not sure how long it will be to get it fixed, I can't imagine it is going to be a cheap fix either. It looks like there might be a possibility of some patch work but I am not a professional. I hope they won't have to replace the entire thing because I can imagine that would take a much longer amount of time.

The bubble make it so the pool can be used year round, it gets nice and warm, keeps the water warm and is a great place for families.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is encouraged to call the Twin Falls Police Department's non-emergency line at 208-735-4357. And if for some reason the person behind this is reading this article right now, shame on you.

We will update everyone when the pool is able to resume operations

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