TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) The city is hoping to work with state transportation officials on improving traffic on a section of Blue Lakes Boulevard near the Perrine Bridge.

According to the Twin Falls City Council agenda, the council and mayor will be asked to sign a letter in support of a proposed collaborative effort with the Idaho Transportation Department. The goal is to improve traffic flow onto Blue Lakes Blvd. at the Fillmore/Bridgeview intersection. City staff and citizens have recently noticed traffic attempting to turn left onto Blue Lakes has been delayed.

At present, the signal for Fillmore/Bridgeview traffic only features a green light without a cycle for left turning traffic. The area has seen an increase in vehicles with new developments in the northern part of the city. Blue Lakes Blvd on the stretch is part of Highway 93 that is run by ITD.

The city cannot make changes to the roadway or signals in anyway without ITD's cooperation. The letter seeks to enter into a study with ITD to improve traffic in that area. City council is scheduled to take up the matter at this evening meeting. The agenda can be viewed here, or at