This is a unique way to demonstrate against state government.  A member of my radio audience has filed a suit in small claims court against Governor Brad Little and St. Luke’s Magic Valley.  As some of you know, the Governor is showering the hospital with some of the COVID relief money supplied by the federal government.  Dollars you’ll need to cover with taxes.  The Governor is also using National Guard troops to assist the supposedly overwhelmed hospitals in Idaho.  Calling out the Guard has a monetary cost.

The guy filing suit doesn’t expect much recourse but he wanted to make a statement.  He lives here in Twin Falls and is a regular contributor to Magic Valley This Morning on Newsradio 96.1 FM and Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  You can read his complaint highlighted in italics.

Through means in contradiction to the Idaho state constitution, Governor Brad
Little and St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center have misappropriated my tax
funds without public hearing or proper justification of any kind. Brad Little has
used emergency powers to use taxpayer funds to enrich and aid St. Luke's Magic
Valley Medical Center without legislative approval. As St. Luke's Magic Valley is
a privately owned entity, it is unjust for Brad Little to use my tax funds in support
and aid of a private business without a public hearing and legislature approval.
Furthermore, both defendants have failed to provide the public with 5 years of
hospital data to substantiate the existence of a health emergency that warrants
Brad Little's use of emergency powers.

I’ll be waiting to see if mainstream news media picks up the story.  I won’t hold my breath!  The lefties staffing most newsrooms back up the Governor at nearly every turn when it comes to his pandemic response.

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