A great many people living in the Magic Valley are opposed to multiculturalism.

the majority just isn’t sure about the pace-of-change

Some call them bigots, racists and jingoists and a few may well not like people who are different.  I suspect, however, the majority just isn’t sure about the pace-of-change.  If it happens so quickly, we can’t discuss the potential impact. What happens if the result is a disaster?

It’s the subject this week of my column at the Times-News.  If you take a few minutes and check out the link, you’ll see I reflect on parts of the world where diversity is enforced with a heavy-hand.  If history is any guide, the enforcement isn’t permanent.  Think Yugoslavia, which spun out-of-control into tribal warfare.  It very well may be some cultures were never meant to co-exist.  Lefty doesn’t want to hear any such claim but for safety let’s keep an open mind!

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