TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Twin Falls Police sent out a warning to the public this week not to trust the caller identification on your phone. In today's highly technical world the caller ID is very easy to fake for those looking to get highly personal information from unsuspecting victims, according to a statement from Twin Falls Police.
People looking to commit fraud are able to make a number look as if it may be local to try and get personal information, bank account numbers, or money directly. Law enforcement say most people have gotten a call from a fraudulent number that may seem to be coming from one particular number, but in actuality it is another number. There are several phone applications and tools called "voice over IP" that allow people to mask the real phone numbers. Twin Falls Police say if anyone ever gets calls asking for personal information to never give it out for any reason.

Law enforcement and government agencies will never call you and have you pay for an arrest warrant to avoid being arrested. Someone who calls and requests that you buy gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or requests that you wire them money to avoid criminal proceedings is part of a scam.

Also, police note there are scams where people are told to get gift card and provide the number on the back; once the number is given the money can be gone within minutes and most times can't be recovered.

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