Twin Falls police are warning you to watch out for phone scammers.  A couple of Magic Valley residents recently found themselves victims and out a lot of money.  Police say  that One person sent $10,000 to someone in the Dominican Republic. Another reported sending $4,100 to cover the costs of an accident a grandchild was allegedly in. T he scammers work like this: they call and claim to be a relative in jail or in an accident and in desperate need of money.  Police say  the scams are usually targeted at posing as their grandchildren and asking that their parents not be told of the incident. In some cases, they have the name of a grandchild and know some family information.  If you receive a suspicious call similar these police say to hang up and call the relative or another family member you believe it to be and confirm the information.  Police also ask that if you do become a victim, you should call them as soon as possible.  While they might not be able to help you recover your money, police say the information helps them educate the public about such incidents.