No, U.S. Senator James Risch isn’t naïve.  It was a comment from a caller on my radio program and it got me to thinking about our dangerous world.  During the closing minutes of an appearance on Newsradio 1310, KLIX and Magic Valley This Morning, Risch discussed China.  Also, he had some brief thoughts on the peace deal brokered by President Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Risch believes a hot conflict is greatly exaggerated.

On the China question, the host pointed out some U.S. military assets have been positioned closer to the Chinese mainland.  In the form of a B-2 bomber.  And one old foreign policy writer fears war could be brewing.

Risch believes a hot conflict is greatly exaggerated.  Here’s the thing.  He’s Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  In the Chinese view, Risch’s words reflect the overall policy of our government.  After all, he and the President are from the same party.  So, the Idaho Senator guards his comments closely.  Because the Chinese are listening.

You think otherwise?  I’ve been reading about Chinese surveillance efforts in the United States and Canada.  There are people monitoring even the smallest media outlets in North America.

What Risch discussed was a China policy resembling something called “Containment”.  It was the policy employed against the Soviet Union and curbed the reach of the old Soviet Empire.  It prevented a shooting war.

If a man in the Senator’s position appeared on a radio program and suggested it was time to open a “can of whoopass” on the Chinese, it could create more trouble than we probably want.

You can hear the exchange with the Senator below.  I’ve uploaded it to a YouTube channel.

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