With the final days of summer upon us, I thought I'd go through some of the best Perrine Bridge BASE jump videos YouTube has to offer. After nearly an hour of watching them, I found one from 2018 that you've got to see if you haven't already.

This year was another great one for those who traveled from all over the United States to leap of Twin Falls' Perrine Bridge. I saw many impressive videos uploaded to sites like YouTube. One I hadn't seen until today was shared back on February 3, 2018.

Posted on the channel of one "DJ SkyDiva," the nearly two-minute clip instantly became a favorite of mine, and not just because the jumper happens to be a bikini-clad female. That fact did make my decision easier, but seriously, according to her video it was her first BASE jump.

She certainly had an entourage with her that day, which included local legend Miles Daisher. Following a great jump, she ends up on a boat in the Snake River, and a short time later under the Perrine Coulee Falls.

Two more memorable videos shared in 2020--one of which was one featured in the "Best Videos of the Year"--and involved a moving vehicle. You probably remember the guys who jumped off the moving truck and over the bridge's railing. That was the craziest Perrine Bridge jump I've ever seen.

And, who can forget the video SportsCenter shared last year of the guy hanging from his buddy's arm prior to his jump. There have been so many greats, and we can't wait to see what's in store for next summer.

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