While most of us visit the supply closet to grab some toner or Post-it notes, one talented musician regularly uses it to drop some mind-blowing melodies on his trombone.

This might be the coolest video I've come across in 2020. A guy who goes by the YouTube channel name, "K5tbjazz," uploads videos of himself jamming to some classic jazz tunes in what appears to be a maintenance closet. One of the videos shows the guy playing to a famous song written by jazz great Curtis Fuller called "Idaho."

Fuller, 85, wrote the tune in 2006, according to details on allmusic.com. He was born in Detroit in 1934, and was signed by Blue Note Records at one point in the fifties. Fuller is an established artist, and played with such jazz greats as Dizzy Gillespie.

While I may not be the biggest jazz fan on Earth, my vinyl collection does include albums from Chick Corea, Getz & Gilberto and John Coltrane. I find it particularly enjoyable when I'm writing in my free time.

I guess if I had the choice to perform in front of an audience or in a supply closet in this pandemic year, I'd choose the closet too. This dude is wicked good. If you're digging this guy's groove, he's got other similar posts on his channel.

Thanks to "K5tbjazz" for bringing a little class to 2020 with this great trombone jam video. I might even put this guy up there with other jazz greats like Ron Burgundy.

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