If you've ever visited a national park in the United States, you are probably aware that there are many rules one must abide by. One of those universal park directives involves yielding for wildlife, and even some of the animals are known to be courteous to one another.

Yellowstone National Park seems to be in the public eye often due to numerous Internet videos that surface throughout the year involving human interaction with wildlife. Most of these recordings show tourists behaving in a reckless manner and putting both themselves and the animals in potential danger. Occasionally, we are treated to some amazing footage that shows these magnificent wild creatures cohabitating.

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A YouTube video shared on May 8 and shot in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley by a motorist shows a very rare interaction between a park bison and a black bear. A tourist can be seen in the 90-second video recording the occurrence from the safety of their car. As they are known to do, a bison strolls slowly down the middle of a roadway while in the distance, a large, dark mass can be seen lumbering toward the road from some nearby grassland.

The video clip eventually shows a white van following the bison slowly, which eventually comes to a complete stop behind the animal. Yellowstone National Park has numerous bear-crossing signs that alert motorists to be watchful of their surroundings. A massive black bear makes its way onto the road approximately 30 yards in front of the bison, which stands completely still and allows a safe passage to the other side.

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