I almost want to go up to the door and say how much I appreciate the effort.  I’ve never been a big decorating guy.  There were times when I used to look with disdain at people who put a great deal of effort into Halloween and Christmas decorations.  I thought it was gauche or a waste of money.  COVID has changed my outlook.  These great displays bring joy and right now we need a few more smiles.  And people can do what they please with their own cash! 

These great displays bring joy and right now we need a few more smiles.

Several years ago I was working on a political campaign in Michigan.  I was walking a suburban Detroit street and came across a house heavily tricked out for Halloween.  You could barely see lawn beyond the “exhibits”.  Many of which were homemade.  It may well be the homeowner spent years growing the display and had some serious wood working skills.

Since then, I’ve even grown to appreciate the mass produced inflatables.  Last year I was driving down a street in Twin Falls and my attention centered on a giant inflatable turkey.  Thanksgiving isn’t quite as easily done as the holidays on each side and beyond the turkey there wasn’t much to see.  But someone found the bird amusing and decided to share.

That’s the operative.  People with elaborate displays are sharing, which is virtuous in itself.  With the enforced distance of 2020, it’s the gesture I appreciate.  I haven’t been out collecting candy on my own in decades and the last time I went with my daughter was almost twenty years ago.  The memories are great and what stirs them are the displays.  It’s a reminder of more innocent times.  The kids need it more than ever before.


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