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Call it the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I telephoned Netflix a couple of weeks ago and explained we were through.  I could’ve canceled with a few swipes on a screen but wanted to talk with a living being.  It’s how I could express my displeasure over a Netflix show portraying Jesus as a homosexual

This was different.  When I told her how disgusted I was she implied I wasn’t alone.

The woman I reached asked why I was ending my affiliation with the streaming service.  Normally, I would explain it’s none of her business.  This was different.  When I told her how disgusted I was she implied I wasn’t alone.  Apparently more than a few people are cutting the Netflix stream.

There are probably shows I’ve watched on Netflix and liked and the same programs may offend you.  Fine, I would say then don’t watch them.  Or, you can also exercise another decision and break with the service.

A connection on Facebook shared something we hear all too often.  Netflix would never air a program about Mohammed where the Muslim prophet was depicted as a homosexual.  Liberals may tire of us saying it but clearly it’s true.  Mocking your God is fine when it comes to the left.  Mocking some other culture’s messenger is considered insensitive or downright mean.

I read this week where Netflix is being somewhat mum about the Jesus show.  It’s described as a Brazilian comedy.  There was a time when Catholic Brazil would’ve shunned such blasphemy.  I guess it’s now a post-Christian society.

Liberals tried for a time to tell us Abe Lincoln was a practicing homosexual.  There were times when he traveled and shared a bed with another man, which was common when beds were rare on the frontier and inns were drafty places where you could freeze sleeping on a floor.  When the Lincoln effort failed because of a lack of evidence, the morally bankrupt moved from national savoir to a greater savoir.  Sad, sad people who’ll meet a sad, sad end.

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