EVERYTHING! Seriously, if you won the $730 million dollar jackpot from the Powerball, you would buy everything. But if you live in Idaho there are probably a few things that Twin Falls residents would buy first.

You could buy:

40,555,555 Unlimited hours of jumping at Jump Time

81,111,111 Beers at Koto Brewing

52,142,857 Specialty Pizzas from Maxie's in Twin Falls

About 91,250,000 gallons of CloverLeaf Ice Cream

6,083,333 months of Unlimited exercise classes at Studio G

60,833,333 burgers/ sandwiches or brats from Twin Falls Sandwich Company

29,200 Side by Sides that are decked out to your hearts content.

24,000 Snowmobiles with all the accessories you could possibly want

27 Lake front homes that are fully furnished in Coeur d'Alene

The 10 most expensive guns ever sold, all together, combined, 88 times

365 homes on the Snake River Canyon

3,200 Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe Double Rifle

52 Fully stocked and ready to go Dairy Farms

4,972 Barletta Pontoon Boats that have been accessorized to your liking

About 50 Private Islands in the United States ranging from Florida to Washington

There is one big flaw in my math, I did not calculate the taxes or the cash out options. I figured 730 million is a nice round number that would make it just a little easier to calculate the ridiculous amount of items you could buy over and over again. I kind of wish I could have found a doomsday bunker in the area that could be bought with the millions of dollars we don't actually have.

The winner of the 730 million dollars was actually won in Maryland.

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