I plan some road trips when Covid-19 finally blows over.  An editor at the Wall Street Journal named Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. this week wrote the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta now believes in excess of 80 million Americans were infected by the coronavirus.  Three fifths would’ve had no symptoms and many others a few sniffles and didn’t see a doctor.  It would mean a quarter of the country’s population may now have some immunity.

It’s my duty to take the first bite of biscuits and gravy.

Others getting vaccines will raise the immunity numbers.

Then I plan to exhale and let my hair down (or get it cut because it’s gotten plenty long these last several months).

I plan two things the first weekend I feel I’m again free.  I’m grabbing a camera and going for a long drive.  To photograph some of our lovely western scenery.  I’ve rarely been outside Idaho since last year at this time.  Many neighboring states had even stronger emergency declarations than we experienced locally.  One was Utah.

I’m taking my camera and I’m going to Snowville for some comfort food at Mollie’s Café.  As you can see, big portions and at a low price.  Then I’m going to Ogden and will look at some airplanes at the museum.  When I’m done sightseeing, I plan to stop at Mollie’s for dinner.  It’s the only way to conquer the withdrawal I’ve experienced.

It’s an institution and like every other restaurant in America the last year has been a challenge.  It’s my duty.  It’s my duty to preserve these delights along the road.  It’s my duty to take the first bite of biscuits and gravy.  And chew.  Slowly.  With my eyes closed.  With a smile on my face.  And I’ll offer thanks I survived the last year.


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