Ya know when you find out about something for the first time, announce it as if you discovered it, and everyone says it's existed for a long time?

Uh... yeah yeah, me neither...

Which is why I was not at all caught off guard to find out there's an INTERACTIVE Idaho trail guide for motorcycle and ATV riders.  It's Riderplanet-usa.com, and they have a great, intuitive map to click through.  They've even got YouTube videos highlighting each of the trails.  Fantastic!

Another good one is stayontrails.com, which has more of a "public service" sound to the name, but their trail map is still very good.

And they're both free!  They might be especially useful for folks new to Twin Falls wondering, "Where can I ride ATVs and off-highway motorcycles?" (shameless SEO plug).  But they might also help vets find a trail or two they've never been to yet.

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