Why do you need to keep killing people to satisfy your virtue signaling?  This electric vehicle thing isn’t ever going to work on a massive scale.  We’ve reviewed this countless times before.  You’re going to burn more of what you call fossil fuels to get the minerals you need, and there simply won’t be enough in the way of minerals to pull off the transition.  As for mining and production, the lefties don’t want it happening here in America.  They’re o.k. with child slaves working the mines in the People’s Republic of Congo.

How about the people now dying in Indonesia to harvest the nickel your dreams demand?  It’s enriching communist China, which is burning record levels of coal to keep its economy going.

What’s the real endgame here?

You don’t care about kids.  We get that.  Many of you even kill your own in the womb.  You don’t care about impoverished foreigners.  Heck, we see that as you cheer open borders and the savagery of the drug cartels south of our own border.  You don’t care about the environment if the disaster happens to poor white people in Ohio.  After all, the lefties say the folks in East Palestine are getting their just desserts.  After all, they voted for Donald Trump.

Other than the dead and dying, EVs aren’t convenient.  Check out this link.  I can fill my gas tank in five minutes and be on my way.  You expect old women are going to spend hours in sometimes dangerous mall parking lots trying to figure out charging systems.

And you wonder why normal people see you as granola-munching dupes.

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