Think waiting in line for healthcare is a great idea?

Programs are struggling in Europe and Japan

Many people in the United States promote a “single-payer” system.  The payer being the federal government or in the case of one New England State the government in Montpelier.  The Vermont attempt has been a disaster and, yet.

Liberals still point to other nations around the world and claim it’s the best path to provide quality care for all.  Now a new study out of Canada paints a picture of a collapsing system.

Our neighbor to the north isn’t alone.  Programs are struggling in Europe and Japan.  In one tiny South American country a national health system was working somewhat well (it’s still relatively young) and then wealthy U.S. retirees started arriving and taking advantage of the “free” care.  Now it’s creaking under the cost of a poor population caring for rich outsiders.

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