Another wind turbine has come tumbling down—this time in Wisconsin.  A local TV affiliate says it left quite a crater and nobody was hurt.  What’s holding these things together?  Bailing twine and chewing gum?  Meanwhile, another community in upstate New York is rebelling against a proposed wind farm.  This is after it appears that people involved with approval would see a personal benefit.

In Europe, some are trying to put a pretty face on offshore turbines, but as this story mentions, there are times in winter when maintenance can’t be done and the units are offline for weeks or months.  At a time when people are attempting to heat their homes.

All of this is going on just as small modular nuclear reactors are arriving.  These can power thousands of homes and businesses and have a tiny footprint. explains they're safe and can easily be shipped for installation wherever needed.  This is the true revolution in energy and the modular units won’t kill migrating birds, bats, or whales.  They won’t cease activity when the wind dies down.  They’ll work when it’s cloudy and after sunset.

Have you ever seen a turbine going up?  If you click here you can follow the process.

Just a reminder, there’s a meeting on February 2nd in Jerome to discuss the Lava Ridge project.  The environmental impact statement is finished.  The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Precision Aviation hangar at Jerome Airport.  I think most of us know what’s at stake.  The small reactors will make wind and solar quickly obsolete.  Why would we scar the landscape at this late juncture?

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