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Nobody has an exact number when it comes to how many illegal immigrants are driving in Idaho.  Some have driver's licenses from their home states in other countries, and some may have had licenses issued in other states.  Many don’t have insurance or driver's licenses.  We’ve heard stories about these unlicensed and uninsured drivers being involved in accidents.  If an uninsured driver crosses into your lane, collides with your car, and leaves you with broken legs, you may find it costly for treatment.

I was at a political forum where some of the candidates were asked if they would support offering licenses for drivers in the country illegally.  One candidate feared it could lead to illegal aliens voting in our elections.  The question then becomes, could you put a dot on a license that would designate the driver wasn’t a citizen?

Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs isn’t sure that’s a solution.  He isn’t sure many people would even go to the DMV and admit they’re in Idaho illegally.  He’s also concerned it rewards breaking the law.

One of my coworkers said there are people who are native-born who are driving without licenses and insurance and are just as dangerous on our highways.

Another opinion I received at work was that offering licenses for illegal aliens would be like putting out a welcome mat.

One thing we could do is issue permits for people who are here on legal visas.  They could attend a training course and become familiar with the rules of the road.  With visas issued by the federal government, it would take some effort in Washington to clean up the program.  Then state governments could look for local solutions.


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