JEROME COUNTY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Several agencies assisted in rescuing a woman out of the canyon in the Devil's Corral area. The call for service came when a citizen noticed a woman 100 to 150 yards down acting suspicious.

Jerome County deputies on BLM patrol, as well as Twin Falls County using a spotting scope, helped crews find the woman.

She had no gear and apparently would hang onto rocks and then jump down each level.

Jerome County Search and Rescue hauled her out of the canyon. One deputy we spoke with says she was still hundreds of feet off the canyon floor and could have fallen at any time.

"She came up, pretty disoriented, could have been under a substance, we don't really know. Definitely had some heat stroke, she was on the wall for five hours," explained Sgt. Jason Wethern. "I'd be cognizant of the heat, bring proper clothing, bring water. I wouldn't climb the canyon unless you're trained and have the gear to do it."

This marks the second rescue mission for Jerome County Search and Rescue in as many weeks.

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