Everyone in the Magic Valley has an opinion on the Lava Ridge wind project.  As well as two other massive proposals for wind farms in the valley.  Or, at least every one I’ve talked to about the massive eyesores that could be on the way.

We’ve got to stop this before it gets beyond a few drawings.  There’s an opportunity for you to go on record next week.  A meeting is scheduled in Jerome on the Environmental Impact Statement.  You can read the details at the top of the page.  It takes place Thursday, February 2nd at Jerome Airport.  A good turnout is an important factor.  A good turnout in opposition is even better.  Numbers matter and big numbers matter even more.

I’ve seen only a handful of letters to the newspaper in support of the projects, which include hundreds of turbines standing almost 800 feet above the ground.

I’ve met a few people who are mildly opposed.  If some of the power expected to be generated would stay in Idaho, they would be more open-minded.  Instead, the electricity is all going to Clark County, Nevada, and southern California.  They foul our nest and we get left with a few pieces of silver in property taxes.

If you haven’t forgotten, they have plenty of wide open deserts in Nevada and California.  Do we get more wind?  I imagine we can get some stronger winds, but I don’t know if we get more.  How strong does the wind need to be to turn a blade?

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