Do you want some goateed communist in a tweed jacket (with elbow patches) telling your kids that you’re an oppressor?  You spend 18 years raising your kids, getting them to church every Sunday, insisting they get their homework done and instilling them with a sense life’s not fair and nothing is free.  You’ve scrimped and saved and now you and the kids may also need to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college education.

You drop them off at Boise State or the University of Idaho in late summer.  You expect they’ll get a degree in engineering or medicine or the law.  A big paycheck can help with paying off the debt. 

They explain the holiday celebrates colonialism, imperialism and genocide.

Then they come home for Thanksgiving.  They inform you they won’t eat the bird because it’s not farmed in an ecologically sound manner.  They explain the holiday celebrates colonialism, imperialism and genocide.  They denounce your ignorance of the holiday and the origins of the turkey.

Your daughter has switched her major to feminist studies.  Your son wants to pick up the same major as he’s no longer sure of his own gender.  They don’t plan to celebrate Christmas because there’s no God but you can gift them more cash.

Tell me, where did they get these ideas?

Look, Idaho’s 17 liberals may be happy with these developments.  The rest of us, the people who voted for the Republicans who hold 85 percent of all elective offices in the state are going to demand some accountability.  Especially at campuses surviving on your tax dollars directly and indirectly.

However, the liberals are loud.  They’re going to make a lot of noise, as witnessed by this link from the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Academics have a sense of entitlement to your taxes and the minds of your kids.  You need to tell your legislators they work for you!  PRONTO!  Linda Wright-Hartgen is mentioned in the story.  She doesn’t believe the commies have taken over the colleges.  Where has she been the last 50 years?  Or do her friends at the country club tell her it’s unseemly to stand for what we used to call the American Way?

I’m starting to believe if we can’t find challengers for the elitists and prima donnas I’ll need to do it myself.  I’d prefer instead some indebted mom or dad.

On Friday morning, Wayne Hoffman from the Idaho Freedom Foundation will join Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  You get one guess as to the topic.


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