The air in Twin Falls right now is full of cotton. I feel like I'm breathing in so much cotton that I'm turning into a fluff-filled stuffed animal, except I don't feel extra cuddly.

The other day I left my windows down a few inches so I wouldn't melt when I got back in my car. Big mistake. My car filled with cotton from the Cottonwood trees and I rolled my windows down to get it out as I drove and that was another big mistake. Instead of leaving my car, the cotton spun around like a mobile snow globe. I had to pull over and clean out one of my eyes after a tuft hit me in the face.

Why Is There So Much Cotton In The Air In Twin Falls?

The Cottonwood trees are spreading their seeds. It looks pretty as it floats through the air, but it is a major pain for those with allergies and swimming pools. Cottonwood trees only release their cotton fluff for about two weeks, and since it seems like at least that much time has passed already this year, we could be about at the end of it.

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What Are Twin Falls Falls Residents Calling The Cottonwood Fluff?

I read a post on Facebook where a woman asked what the white fluff was. She is new to the area and had never experienced it before. The answers she received were helpful and hilarious, so I gathered the top ten descriptions of the Cottonwood fluff as written by you:

  1. Paul: It's from the rare albino's shedding season.
  2. Andy: Fluffy Balls of Death (for those with allergies).
  3. Greg: Idaho summer snow.
  4. Gail: It's "allergies"
  5. Daniel: It's beautiful if you take a Zyrtec...
  6. Sophia: The 'Death to the Sinus Tree' - The Cottonwood.
  7. Kathy: Secret Weapon.
  8. Derrick: Dandruff Trees!
  9. Carol: Cottonwood fluffies.
  10. Joyce: It's mother nature taking care of her earth she don't like naked soil.

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