Even being a local Idahoan, sometimes we forget that there are tons of places to visit in our great state. I really hope to make it everywhere in this state at least once. We have a list of some Idaho towns and cities you have to visit at least once, even if it is just to say you were there.


  • 1

    Twin Falls

    Obviously Twin Falls is a place you should visit at least once. The Niagara of the West is gorgeous, especially if you go during the right time of year.

  • 2


    It is an interesting little town and because of the dams on the Snake and Columbia River, Lewiston is actually home of the farthest inland port on the west coast and some ocean vessels can reach Idaho. So crazy.

  • 3

    St. Anthony

    Did you know that "Superman" Dean Cain is part of the police reserves in St. Anthony? I would drive around that town just to see if I could get Superman to pull me over.

  • 4


    Famous poet Ernest Hemmingway killed himself there, is buried there and there are a lot of hidden treasures around the area. You can find photos and even eat at places he used to eat and drink at. It has some interesting history.

  • 5


    It is the biggest city in Idaho, the Boise State Broncos have the famous blue turf and it has some interesting attractions. Boise is one of those places I feel like you would spend more than a day visiting.

  • 6


    It has a ton of cool stuff. Hagerman has the hot springs, it has a restaurant that serves alligator and it has the fossil beds.

  • 7


    Right along the Salmon River it is beautiful, the people are really cool and the fishing is great.

  • 8

    Idaho Falls

    It is another great destination if you like bigger cities. There is a ton of stuff to do and explore. And it is beautiful along the river.

  • 9


    A cute and kind of quirky town. It is right along Lake Ponderay and has such a homey feel to it. That lake gets super busy though and I would not suggest going during the winter.

  • 10


    If you can handle the crowds of people on Red Fish Lake and surround lakes it is definitely worth a visit or 12. It has great camping, kayaking and fishing.

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