Here’s a question for the Karens in the audience.  How were you damaged?  Two stories I wrote this week garnered a lot of attention from people who need a daily dose of grievance or offense.  On Monday I wrote about the difficulty women have behind the wheel of a car or when parking their vehicles.  The response was fierce.  A lot of women in comfortable shoes demanded I be sent to the unemployment office.  Again, how were these people damaged?  Did I wrestle their keys away?  Of course not.  Did I ticket them?  I don’t have the authority.  Did I run them off the road?  I’m too busy trying to stay in my own lane.

Keep in mind that the Karens aren’t just a liberal plague.  You find them among conservatives and libertarians.  Some wrote to me after I posted a piece about how damaging marijuana is in its current potent form.  It’s what scientists are saying.  Don’t you trust science?  Question for the pot puffers.  How were you damaged by my story?  What you’re smoking or ingesting is far worse than my words.  My job isn’t to promote your proclivities.  Again, I’m simply posting stories with links about the research.

Am I pulling the joint from your mouth?  I’m too busy trying to stay in my lane.  Am I arresting you?  I don’t have the authority.  Am I burning your supplies?  I don’t have a lighter.

Some guy told me obesity was a bigger problem.  Obesity doesn’t cause psychosis.  I could eat a second plate of spaghetti every night for the next month and won’t have a psychotic episode.  You keep using highly potent marijuana and the doctors say you risk addiction and psychosis.  I called the users dumb asses and some were triggered.  Let me point out that intelligent people don’t keep using products that are known to cause mental illness.  Just idiots.

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