People accuse me of fearmongering when I tell them they won’t be able to buy a new F-150 in five years.  I’m not kidding.  Unless we get a new administration in Washington, many of you will be on bicycles, horseback, or walking by the end of the decade.  Francis Menton is a writer at a website called the Manhattan Contrarian.  He’s worth a regular read.  His latest post is about federal regulations that will push diesel and internal combustion engines off the roads.

Why?  Because the Environmental Protection Agency has set the fleet-wide average so high that automobile manufacturers simply can’t meet the standard.  Unless they give up altogether on the traditional means of powering their truck or car.  If the climate alarmists remain in power even a short time longer, the companies will have already re-tooled by the time a more sane administrative state takes control.

I read last week that Ford is losing more than $66,000 on average for every electric vehicle it currently produces.  This isn’t sustainable.  Either Ford folds its tent or it gets massive taxpayer subsidies to continue building vehicles.

Vehicles simply don’t have the minerals and electricity supply to power!  If you haven’t figured it out yet, elites from around the world are going to eliminate the car as a means of movement.  Your liberty will be greatly restricted as there are going to be fewer opportunities to travel long distances.

I think that’s very presumptuous.  I live in the mountain west.  I need to drive some long distances because there are few things in between.  I also like driving long distances and seeing the remarkable landscape.  That’s my choice and choice is another word for liberty.

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